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will be your Angel during Moscow bar tour

Speaking English and French, Alyona will be your Angel during the Moscow bar tour.

Key Account Manager, formerly a teacher at a primary school

After graduating from Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities, Kristina worked as a teacher in a primary school but then joined Angel as a manager, later was promoted to a senior manager to streamline Angel’s English service and finally became Key Account Manager for corporate clients

Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2

Parvina is a Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2. Now Parvina is working on Muslim Moscow Tour.

Sr. Manager, father of 4, ex TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lt, became a priest

Alexander is a former TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lieutenantfather of 4. After studying Orthodox Christian Theology at St. Tikhon Orthodox University & working with Angel, he took a priest position in a cathedral.


Grand Kremlin Palace Tour in Moscow: +79-ANGEL-TOUR

Enjoy the Grand Kremlin Palace Tour in Moscow Kremlin, the most beautiful palace! It is a unique opportunity to see the incredible beauty of the Grand Kremlin Palace halls, feel the wealth and splendor of ceremonial and state rooms where Russian tsars and emperors lived - during the Grand Kremlin Palace Tour. Just see the photos of the GrandKremlin Palace Tour below.

Why Grand Kremlin Palace Tour is so unique?

Grand Kremlin Palace is a gem to the crown on the Borovitsky Hill, the Kremlin. For many decades, only those privileged few had the rare right to admire its superlative interiors and Grand Kremlin Palace Tour is not a museum tour. Why?

Originally, the Grand Kremlin Palace was the Moscow residence of Russian emperors when the capital was in St. Petersburg. After the Bolsheviks came to power, sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR took place in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Most important political decisions in the USSR were made in Grand Kremlin Palace. Now the Grand Kremlin Palace is the ceremonial residence of President. In recent years it has been open for Grand Kremlin Palace Tours. 

Grand Kremlin Palace includes, inter alia, the Vladimirskiy, Georgievsky and Andreyevskiy Halls, Faceted Chamber, the Golden Czarina's Chamber, the Terem Palace.
Under the 1994-1996 Grand Kremlin Palace renovation project, Georgievsky and Vladimirsky Halls were completely restored according to the survived blueprints and drawings.
Still there are parts of the Grand Kremlin Palace that are not open to the public even during the Grand Kremlin Tours. One of such structures that could be seen outside but not visited are the domes of the churches of the Kremlin Grand Palace that were used as private chapels by the members of the royal family.

While asking about Grand Kremlin Palace Tour , please bear in mind that it takes at least a month to set Grand Kremlin Palace Tour, so please inquire in advance.

If you wish to ask about Grand Kremlin Palace tour pls hit the button 'Ask re Grand Kremlin Tour' below or call/whatsapp/telegram/viber + 7 (926)-435-8687. 

Grand Kremlin Palace Tour is available on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri.

Grand Kremlin Palace Tour is NOT available on Russia's public holidays.