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Angel Tour offers Moscow private toursOne of our strengths is flexibility - you can book Moscow private tours a day or hours before. With RUB volatility, we got tired of changing prices on the websiteTo ask re any of the Moscow private tours Angel Tour offers in Moscow or ST. PETERSBURG, pls call\text via phone\ whatsapp\ viber\ telegram +7(926)4358687, online chats or hit the corresponding buttons below & we'll respond ASAP. For any FAQ re Moscow Private Tours from Americas call us 24/7 via +1(347)741-8687 or  +1(347)741-TOUR.

We're sure you'll enjoy our Moscow private tours. We offer only Moscow Tour Guide Guild-licensed tour guides, who've gone thru rigorous Moscow tour guide training. Moreover, Angel is opening its tour guide school. 

Moscow Private Tours 2018

With last year Moscow tour summer season over, Angel Tour has been preparing  for the new Moscow Tour 2018 season. With lots of ideas, we're planning some amazing private tours in Moscow for 2018 tour season. Visit us again if you wish a private tour in Moscow in 2018.


Book Moscow Private Tours in 2018 in advance

There were dates & tours in Moscow last summer, when clients wanted to book private tours in Moscow but those dates were booked up. These were KREMLIN tours (esp. ARMORY), STAR CITY Tour, TANK Museum Tour & others. Pls don't delay booking private tours in Moscow until too late, book Moscow private tours in advance.

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We booked a private tour with Alexander of Angel Tours Moscow, very much at the last minute, and I am so glad we did...Elizabeth, UK

We couldn't have been more pleased with this tour! Jeanne, Ohio, US
I’d highly recommend your tour company to any person visiting Moscow. Roberto, Mexico
We used Angel Tours…for a private Moscow car tour. Konstantinos, Greece
I’d highly recommend using this tour company. Eric, Ohio, US
We’d recommend anybody visiting Moscow get in touch with Angel Tours. Jacob, UAE
Superb tour and service. James, Cambridgeshire, UK
My experience with Angel Tours of Moscow was wonderful... Elaina, LA, USA 
Fantastic Private Tours in Moscow… Edda, USA
The tour was great… Stephanie, USA
We enjoyed a lot our tour…Denise, Brazil
I greatly enjoyed the cuisine tour! Carla, San Francisco
Thank you for the tour… Jean-Michel & Serge, Congo
Thanks so much for the tour… Adam, UK
I am very touched and impressed by the most hospitable way in which Angel Tour organised our tours in Moscow… Ahmed
My wife and I have enjoyed the Kremlin tour very much… Ahmed, Maldives
The private tour of Moscow leaves perfect and deep impression for me… Grace, China
I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Moscow… Chetty, US/India
Thanks so much again for the awesome Moscow private tour. This tour was truly THE highlight of my visit to Moscow. Rev. Vincent, US
Would highly recommend Angel for tours… Frances, US
Will certainly take up your offers of tours… Els & Andy, UK

BEST! - Golden Ring 1 Day Tour

Sergiev Posad Tour: St. Sergius Trinity Monastery & more

Moscow is surrounded by Golden Ring of old towns with nice architecture & rich history. Sergiev Posad is the closest of them to Moscow. Its world famous St. Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra is the most beautiful Russian monastery, 'Russian Vatican', UNESCO World Heritage site. See more of Golden Ring of Russia: SERGIEV POSAD Tour. The town is also the birthplace of nice Russian Matreshkas (see lots of them here) & the capital of Russian toys. The tour is tailored to your interests to make most of it. 

Suzdal & Vladimir Tour

The towns were more important than Moscow & include UNESCO World Heritage sites. In 2024 Russia will celebrate Suzdal's 1000th anniversary. It has the 2nd most beautiful Kremlin to Moscow's. To see one of Russia's Golden Ring pearls with its old churches & tranquil lifestyle book or see more of Golden Ring of Russia: SUZDAL & VLADIMIR Tour .

any day
6-12 hrs depending on your choice
pick-up/drop-off from/to the hotel, personal driver, personal guide (En, Fr, Chin, Ger, Sp, Gr)
KREMLIN, Armory, Diamond Fund Tours in Moscow

Moscow Kremlin Tours are must-see Moscow Tours

See Russia's most beautiful citadel in Moscow, residence of tsars and communist leaders, office of President in Moscow KREMLIN Tour that includes ancient cathedrals, famous Tsar-bell, Tsar-cannon, palaces of Russian Emperors & Presidents, where historical decisions were made that changed the world's history, and more: 

  • Ivan the Great Belfry, once Moscow's highest building
  • GRAND KREMLIN Palace, President's parade residence
  • XV c. Dormition Cathedral, main cathedral of Moscow Russia
Visit the Armory Chamber, Russia's main treasury, to see Faberge eggs, crowns, thrones of Russian tsars, Russian precious antique arms and armor. Skipping queues, we'll bring you to the Diamond Fund, world's richest collection. We also offer tours in Moscow in Español, deutsch, 与说中文的导游参观谢尔盖镇日本語, etc.
except for Thursday
1.5 - 3 hours depending on your choice
Moscow tour guide (En, Arabic, Fr, Ger, It, Sp, Jp)
METRO Tour in Moscow

See why Moscow Metro is world's most awesome!

'They used to have palaces for tsars, we're going to build palaces for people!' said Moscow metro chief architects. Enjoy most beautiful metro stations in Moscow on this tour. We'll navigate you thru station labyrinths. Make pictures of amazing interiors of Moscow metro stations. Listen to stories of Moscow metro stations. You'll surely have sth to show to your friends after this tour in Moscow! See more of MOSCOW METRO TOUR:

  • Moscow Metro station with smalto-like stained glass
  • Grand metro station with impressive mural mosaics of Russian glorious victories and many other Moscow metro stations!
We offer similar metro TOUR in ST. PETERSBURG
1.5 hours
Moscow tour guide
COMMUNIST Tour in Moscow

Over 70 years Moscow was the USSR capital. Moscow streets still show remnants of the Soviet regime. In COMMUNIST MOSCOW TOUR see the ex-KGB HQ on Lubyanka, Revolution Square & other important Soviet sights in Moscow, discover Soviet History pages from Revolution to Perestroika, Stalin’s great terror & more:

  • USSR's grocery № 1
  • Moscow's main street
  • GULAG Museum (optional)
  • Museum of Revolution (without visiting)
  • Solovetsky Stone, memorial to political repressions victims
2 hours
Moscow tour guide (English only)
Stalin Era BUNKER Tours in Moscow

Secret Cold War bunkers in most chilling tours in Moscow

There are real monuments of the Cold War in Moscow, huge secret bunkers of the USSR MoD, designed in 1930-s, 50-s to protect against attacks (incl. nuclear) and provide shelter for a month. On this tour in Moscow you'll feel the atmosphere of the Cold War, find out what life was like at a secret underground bunker, walk with the guide across the secret bunker, the museum of Cold War.

flexible, but advance booking is necessary
1,5 hrs
admission, Moscow tour guide
GRAND Kremlin PALACE Tour in Moscow

Grand Kremlin Palace is the heart of Moscow Kremlin, the residence of Russian President, the most beautiful palace! It's a unique opportunity to see the incredible beauty of the Palace’s halls, learn its history, feel the wealth and splendor of ceremonial and state rooms, feel the atmosphere of luxury, in which Russian emperors lived while in Moscow. While booking Grand Kremlin Palace Private Tour in Moscow pls bear in mind that organizing this tour usually takes at least a month, so please request in advance. Click to read more about GRAND Kremlin PALACE Tour in Moscow.


Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
1,5-2 hrs
Moscow tour guide (English only)
Essential Moscow Private Tour: All must-sees

Essential Moscow Tour is the best tour in Moscow to explore all of its must-sees in 1 day. Ideal for business tourists & those in Moscow with transit visa. Essential Moscow Tour will let you see all the best sights of Moscow. You will get the most of tours in Moscow in just 1 day on Essential Moscow Tour!

The programme of this tour in Moscow includes:

  • Russian style lunch (optional) is an important part of Moscow experience. When in Moscow, eat what Muscovites eat. Don't miss famous borsch with sour-cream or dumplings or pancakes with salmon or caviar or other fillings. 
  • Main church in Moscow & Russia. Walk with the guide along the fancy Arbat to buy souvenirs, best place in Moscow to choose Matreshka, famous Russian wooden doll.
  • Many other landmarks of Moscow on this tour.

We offer private tours in Moscow not only in English! Pls mention if you want to book tours in Moscow in Arabic, Español, French观光莫斯科的私人导游服务, 本語, Italian, etc.

every day
6 hrs walking tour
pick-up from your hotel, Moscow tour guide
Moscow Landmarks Sightseeing Walking Tour

Whether it's your 1st visit to Moscow and tour or you've already been here before - it's a must-visit tour. Our guides will show you major sights of Moscow and tell lots of amazing stories. Moscow Highlights Sightseeing Tour in Moscow was designed to make your Moscow stay unique & help you feel Moscow's atmosphere: 

  • main street of Moscow
  • iconic symbol of Moscow
  • Moscow's most vibrant street
  • RED SQUARE, heart of Moscow
  • Ex-KGB HQ in Moscow and Russia
  • most controversial statue in Moscow
  • Lenin Mausoleum, open to visitors of Moscow
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral, world-known symbol of Moscow

Pls mention if you want to book tours in Moscow in Español, French, Arabic, Italian, 观光莫斯科的私人导游服务日本語, etc.

any day
3-hour walking tour
pick-up from your hotel, professional guide
Private MINIVAN or CAR Tour in Moscow

Moscow's best Private MINIVAN or CAR Tour of Moscow

On this Private Moscow Minivan or Car Tour you'll see almost everything you wanted to see in Moscow: KREMLIN and Red Square, ancient cathedrals, magnificent panorama of Moscow, gorgeous parks, most beautiful Moscow streets & squares. You'll have time to walk around the most beautiful sights and take pictures. Forget trying to find a way in Moscow METRO! We'll pick you up in a hotel & bring back or leave you at any place you'll prefer. No more cold Russian winters, hot summers. You'll ride a comfortable car. We also offer tours in Moscow in 利用私人包车观光莫斯科之服务日本語Arabic, ItalianFrenchSpanishOn this Car Tour in Moscow you'll see Moscow's main sights:

  • main street of Moscow
  • Ex-KGB HQ in Moscow
  • Moscow's most vibrant street
  • world-known symbol of Moscow
  • most impressive park in Moscow
  • most controversial landmark of Moscow
  • 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Moscow 
  • RED SQUAREheart of Moscow and Russia
  • Moscow's Boulevard Ring, one of Moscow rings
  • largest Orthodox Christian Cathedral in Moscow, and more...

Take CAR Tour in Moscow by day or as NIGHT Moscow tour

any day
3 hours
Moscow tour guide, car, personal driver
BOLSHOI Theater Private Tour in Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre was founded 250 years ago & was the biggest opera house in Europe. Today Bolshoi is a Top-10 theater in the world. The first performances of many world-famous Russian ballets and operas like 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake' or 'Eugene Onegin' took place here. This is a unique opportunity to get inside the Bolshoi, discover its history and see its luxurious interiors.

Click the BOLSHOI Theater Tour in Moscow to see:

  • Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre
  • Richly decorated Small and Grand Imperial Foyer
  • Imperial & Government Pews (reserved for President)
  • Its famous main hall, one of the world's largest theater halls
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
2 hours
Russian CUISINE Workshop & Dinner in Moscow

“A way to a man's heart starts from his stomach”, Russians say. Cuisine Tour is one of the most efficient and tasty ways to explore local cultures. Make the most of your tour in Moscow - learn how to cook Russian food and surprise friends on your return home! 

If you're alone in Moscow and want to meet new people, why not join us? After the workshop you'll receive the recipes by email to easily cook Russian meals at home!

You'll cook – all in Russian style - and have a feast of:

  • a salad, e.g. “herring under the fur coat” or vinegret 
  • a soup, e.g. borsch (beet soup) or schi (cabbage soup)
  • a 2nd course, e.g. beef stroganoff or a chicken kiev
  • a dessert, e.g. baked apple with nuts

Pls book Russian CUISINE Workshop & Dinner at least 24 hours in advance & tell us if you have an allergy for something to change the menu for you. Take Russian CUISINE Workshop & Dinner with the tour to Sergiev Posad within Golden Ring One Day Tour.

We offer private tours in Moscow not only in English! Pls mention if you want to book tours in Moscow in Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese 与说中文的导游参观谢尔盖镇, 日本語, Italian, etc.

as agreed
4 hours
pick up from hotel, return, workshop, dinner
TANK Museum Tour in Moscow

The race against Nazi was a reason to boost huge tank industry in the USSR, which would later turn into the world leader in armored vehicles. A peak of that development was the famous 'flying' tank T-80, which can move with the speed of the car and ‘flew’ over the ground up to 18 meters. It's the world's biggest collection of the Soviet tanks since the WWII till the war in Afghanistan, incl. German tanks, tanks of WWII allies and enemies. Book TANK Museum Tour to see tanks from all over the world, incl.:

  • 100% original German Panther 
  • huge German self-propelled mortar Karl
  • famous German tank Maus, world’s heaviest (188 tons)  
  • middle- / large-size Soviet tanks, e.g. famous T-34-85
Tue-Sun, advance booking necessary
4 hours
Moscow licensed tour guide, personal driver
AIR FORCE Museum Tour in Moscow

See more of tour to AIRFORCE Museum, world's top aircraft museum, close to Moscow & Angel Tour. The most interesting part of the tour is the range of famous Cold War aircraft: TU-144 (Soviet 'Concorde'), TU-95 ('Bear'), TU-22М ('Backfire') & more.

If you are a great fan of  Aviation and \ or Space and planning your visit to Moscow, pls inquire about our special offer.

Wednesday - Sunday
5-6 hours
Moscow licensed tour guide, personal driver
STAR (SPACE) City Private Tour in Moscow

The tour gives a rare chance to visit Star Citysee the simulators Russian cosmonauts use and learn its history. In 1961 at the height of the space race the US vs. the USSR, a secret city was built to the north of MoscowPlease inquire about our special offer if you are a great fan of Space and \ or Aviation and planning your visit to Moscow. Click to read more about Space Star City Tour. It's convenient to combine within 1 day with:

Golden Ring of Russia 1 Day Private Tour - to one of Golden Ring towns of UNESCO World Heritage List, most recommended 

- Tour to the Museum of Military vehicles

Central Air Force Museum Tour

weekdays only, book at least 50 days beforehand
6 hours, incl. transfer
guide, interpreter, transfer
Moscow BAR Tour

Our Moscow Bar Tour is not a binge drinking tour. Our Moscow Bar Tour guide will bring you to best Moscow's bars to taste best wines & cocktails, keep an eye on you and let you know when enough is enough. Click to read more info about our Moscow BAR Tour

upon request, 8 pm - 11 pm
3 hrs
Moscow Red Square Tour

You might think Red Square is just a square in Moscow downtown with some landmarks, but it's not so. Red Square is the heart of Moscow and if you want to feel Moscow, it is the place. If you have an hour or two, esp. when all the museums are closed and traffic jams make Moscow city car tours almost pointless, let our guides with English, Arabic and other languages show you this charming heart on Moscow RED SQUARE Tour.

1-2 hrs
Moscow licensed tour guide
Christian Moscow Tour

The company's name Angel (Άγγελος = Messenger in Greek) comes from the founder's earlier experience in creating a pilgrimage service of the Epiphany Cathedral in Bogorodsk (town of Our Lady) with trips to St. Sergius Trinity Monastery being most popular. Years later tours to St. SergievTrinity Lavra resumed – now for foreign guests. During Christian Moscow Tour you'll see cathedrals of Moscow which are most central to Christians in Russia:
- XVI c. Convent and Churches which, being turned into museums and apartments, survived the Soviet atheism in 1930s.
- World's tallest Orthodox Christian Cathedral, once dynamited only to be resurrected in the next millennium, and more.

Review of CHRISTIAN Moscow TourThanks so much again for the awesome tour...of the great sites of Moscow! This tour was truly THE highlight of my visit to Moscow (Rev. Vincent, USA)

except for Saturday
3-4 hours
priest, Moscow licensed tour guide