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 Moscow Metro Tour is World’s Best Metro Tour.

Moscow metro is the world’s best. Moscow metro stations are ornate. A tourist asked while booking our Moscow Metro Tour. «Which Moscow metro stations look like museums?» - “Many”.

Moscow Metro is open 6 am. – 1 am.

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Moscow Metro saved thousands of lives. Now Moscow metro is vital transit for millions. It is amazing. That is why Angel Tour offers Moscow Metro Tours. 

First projects for a metro in Moscow emerged in XIX c. In 1902 2 projects of Moscow metro were presented. In the 1910 s the Moscow Duma mulled a project of Moscow Metro lines up to the  Kremlin

In 1912 it again considered a project of 3 Moscow metro lines. In 1922 a new project of the Moscow metro was designed. But lack of funds and expertise was the reason why the Moscow metro project was scrapped.

In late 1920 s Moscow grew to 4 mln people and the Moscow metro idea re-emerged. In 1931 the Bolsheviks decided to start to build the Moscow Metro.

The 1 st shaft of the Moscow metro was dug in 1931 close to where a Holiday Inn is. A marble sign says there now: “Here is the place where we started our fight for the world’s best metro.” 

Why is Moscow Metro people's metro?

Some know-hows were used to build Moscow metro that had never been used. 

The project to build Moscow metro was drawn up for Moscow urban plan in 1930 s.  

On Oct. 15, 1934 the 1 st trial train of Moscow metro went. On May 15, 1935 Moscow metro was opened. To mark the metro builders' triumphs, Moscow metro got Order of Lenin. This day came to be known as the birth day of Moscow metro.

The 1 st Moscow metro pax saw marble walls and vaults, tiles that shone with almost daylight. Moscow metro stations were spacious, metro carriages were sky blue, metro staff wore uniforms. Moscow citizens and guests of the city toured Moscow metro in 1 st days just to be happy. Foreign tourists are  still happy to take Moscow Metro Tours. 

Tourists still haunt some Moscow metro stations to enjoy bronze statues during Moscow Metro Tours. We saw foreign visitors in 1980 s trying to link their foreign Moscow Metro books to signs in Russian in Moscow metro. It made us start taxi in Moscow for them to move around Moscow quickly and easy. It also made us launch Moscow Metro Tours.

Many Moscow metro stations are full of mosaics. The variety of shapes and forms in Moscow Metro stations is huge. Some Russian heroes are portrayed in one of the Moscow Metro stations. Tourists often visit it during Moscow metro tours. 

Even WW II did not stop the building of Moscow metro. 

A new impulse in the decor of Moscow metro stations was in the mid 70 s. Moscow Metro lost its ideology. It became the urban mass transit. Still, it keeps its metro stations open for Moscow Metro Tours.

Moscow Metro Tours highlight the history of Russian and Soviet people. 

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Visited in Sep. 2015 and previous visit was in May 1988. Moscow Metro tour is as stunning as ever and a tourist attraction in its own right. 

Andrew. UK.