About Taxi in Barcelona

Angel plans to offer tours in Barcelona after years of success with tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Taxi in Barcelona with payment per km, not per minute

Angel Taxi works per km which means that once you call us or send a request, one of our Angels will reply with the exact price of the trip by taxi in Barcelona.
If you book a taxi in Barcelona per minute, it might happen that if the car gets stuck in a traffic jam, you might be unpleasantly surprised with the final price for the taxi trip.
If you book taxi in Barcelona with Angel Taxi, the price for taxi trip will not change due to the traffic jams.
Angel Taxi works in Moscow for 10 years already and when Angel Taxi decided to launch taxi in Barcelona, we chose to provide taxi in Barcelona in the same manner - per km, not per minute.
Angel Taxi aims to reach the fleet capacity in Barcelona equal to fleet of taxi in Moscow and Moscow region – more than 1500 taxi vehicles from sedans to minibuses.