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Exchange in countertrade

'Pepsi-Cola sells its cola syrup to Russia for rubles and agrees to buy Russian vodka at a certain rate for sale in the United States'. 'Daimler-Benz agreed to sell 30 trucks to Romania and accept in exchange 150 Romanian-made jeeps, which it sold to Ecuador for bananas, which in turn were sold to a German supermarket chain for deutsche marks'. P. Kotler, Marketing Management, 9th Ed.


Now, after the sanctions have been implemented, coupled with the economic crisis, as liquidity dried up, barter practices of 1990 are coming back. It is no fun to visit a former client with a truck and take its property in lieu of the payables. That is why Angel Taxi does not work with post-payment anymore. After some of our clients went bust during the crisis, we began to consider offset and barter. If you have sth (X) that we might need in business (taxi or tours in Moscow) or private lives, we'll be glad to get your 1) offer, 2) prices, 3) estimated volumes of your rides by taxi in Moscow thru THIS page.