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To hire interpreters in Moscow call us at least 3 hrs in advance. But if it is urgent give a try and call us for any inquiries. Chances are we can dispatch an interpreter in Moscow quicker. If it is not urgent, please either call or write via 'THIS' page.


With years of experience in relocation, translation and interpreting in Moscow, we also offer services of translators and interpreters for visitors in Moscow.

Moscow is a beautiful city indeed. However, an overwhelming number of signs in the streets, in metro, in shops are in Russian. So if you do not know any Slavic language, you will not be able even to read them, let alone to understand. Knowing English helps a lot to navigate in Tokyo, but hardly does in Moscow.

Pathetic images of foreign tourists in Moscow metro or in Moscow streets trying to compare their pocket English Moscow guide books or maps with Cyrillic (all of them) signs have been daunting us since 1980-s. Now Angel provides moderately-priced interpreting services in Moscow and fair fare solution for foreign tourists interested in sightseeing on foot and by taxi in Moscow, to have quick trips at fixed taxi fares in Moscow from any car-accessible place to another one.


A couple of our clients' cases when interpreting services in Moscow were provided:

An interpreter who had agreed to provide representatives of an overseas audit company with interpreting services in Moscow during meetings, ditched the client and they urgently had to look for a replacement for 2 days - found Angel and were happy.

A group of foreign designers toured Moscow on a six-day inspirational tour and needed help to understand Moscow, Russia and contemporary Russian design, as well as help with itineraries for each day. Angel exceeded their expectations.

A Sales Manager for Europe wanted to visit Moscow to see how their and their competitors' products sold in Moscow and Russia. That field trip empowered him well for his later meetings with the local distributor.

Execs of a US blockchain project needed an interpreter in Moscow for an exhibition. Angel was contacted, and an interpreter with MSc Finance & Investment was provided and very helpful.


Prices for Interpreting services in Moscow (general assistance)

2 hrs min = RUR 4k or 59 EUR or 69 USD

+1 hour = RUR 2k or 29 EUR or 39 USD


Prices for interpreting services in Moscow (consecutive interpreting at exhibitions, business meetings, negotiations)

2 hrs min = RUR 5k or 69 EUR or 79 USD

+1 hour = RUR 2,5k or 39 EUR or 49 USD


Prices for Interpreting services in Moscow (consecutive interpreting at exhibitions, business meetings, negotiations performed by beautiful Russian models)


We work with the top model management agency in Moscow which will be ready to provide interpreters for exhibitions, presentations, as well as models for show-programs, exhibitions, presentations, video- and photo-shooting for advetising in media & polygraphic production, press-conferences.

 interpreters in Moscow

 interpreters in Moscow

Pls inquire for more details re Interpreting in Moscow and the contract via THIS PAGE or call +7 (926) 435-8687.

Typical prices for an 8-hour day (10 am - 6 pm) are as follows: 

Downtown, ExpoCenter, VVTS (VDNKH) RUR 25k or 350 EUR or 400 USD

CrocusExpo = RUR 27k or 380 EUR or 450 USD

Tailored projects are subject to negotiations. 


see TOURS in MOSCOW  &


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