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Moscow Airports Transfers from £€$11/car +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR





Moscow airport transfers as low as ₽700

- transfer price to Sheremetievo airport from Lobnya, one of the many towns in Moscow region where Angel offers taxi services, the closest town to Sheremetievo airport, is probably the lowest price for an airport transfer in Moscow.


A just weight is His delight

We charge fixed taxi prices in Moscow per km (shortest route), not per time. Though traffic jams in Moscow hurt per–km drivers, we don't want clients, who order a taxi in Moscow, to pay for traffic jams in Moscow. Thus we don't charge for the driving time (only for the waiting time above gratis 10 mins for taxi in Moscow city and 60 minutes for taxi in Moscow airports). We don't want foreign clients to pay thru the nose for taxi in Moscow just because they are foreigners.

Moscow (area over 1k sq. km) has 4 airports. Thus airport transfer prices, based on mileage, vary. Prices for a sedan transfer to Moscow airports with Angel start from as low as ₽1100 (≈$19, €15), depending on the distance from the pick-up point to the airport. Pls, ask via the booking form OR the online-widget or this page about the airport transfer price quote for your specific route and number of pax. 

E.g., the price for taxi transfer to Domodedovo airport from Aquarium hotel with Angel Taxi will be ₽2100 ($36, €30) and only ₽1500 ($26, €21) to Sheremetyevo airport. Ask the hotel how much their transfer from Domodedovo to the hotel will cost and feel the difference.


ALL transfers from Moscow airports by Angel Taxi include:

parking fees

no other hidden costs whatsoever

60 minutes of gratis waiting after the scheduled landing time

- *Meet & Greet service - we do not meet foreign passengers without Meet & Greet service to avoid hide-and-seek unless they speak Russian.


Best fixed prices for taxi transfers between Moscow airports

After the review of Angel Taxi service in Moscow by Kathleen we set the single fixed price for a transfer from any Moscow airport to any Moscow airport, including Meet & Greet service. It is as simple as that:

₽3k (≈$46, €40) for Standard class car (KIA RIO, Hyundai Solaris, VW Polo), 

₽3,5k (≈$54, €46) for a Business class car (Nissan Teana or Toyota Camry).


Useful Info about Transfers from Moscow Airports by Taxi

Moscow airport hub includes 4airports: Vnukovo airport (VKO), Sheremetievo airport (SVO), Domodedovo airport (DME), Zhukovsky airport (ZIA). The underlined syllables are to be stressed to pronounce the names correctly.

All 4 airports are located outside of Moscow, so don't think that once you land you'll be in Moscow. 

The furthest airport is Domodedovo (DME). It might take up to 90 minutes to reach Moscow downtown from Domodedovo airport when there are no traffic jams. When they are there your trasnfer may take more time.

The closest airport is Vnukovo (VKO). Until recently it was the last airport in Moscow to have gone international. 

Zhukovsky (aka Ramenskoye) Airport is now Moscow’s newest international airport. It is located in the city of Zhukovsky in the Moscow region and was officially opened in May 2016. We provide transfers from Zhukovsky airport to Moscow downtown at ₽1800 (≈$31, €25).

Sheremetievo has several terminals and transfers between them may take a while. It is important to indicate which terminal you will be arriving to or leaving from while booking a transfer to\from Sheremetievo airport. 

The route to Sheremetievo airport partly goes along Leningradskoe highway which is usually busy. 

A transfer driver can wait outside of the SVO terminals only on the paid parking lot (which costs a lot) or faraway from SVO airport in the closest city as SVO nearby area is no-free-parking towaway zone. Thus, pls plan in advance how much time more you’ll need than usual 30 mins to get your luggage and go thru the passport and customs control.

It is better to be safe than sorry and thus plan to leave Moscow at least 4 hours before your plane takes off since the registration for international flights ends 50 minutes prior to the scheduled take-off.

Below are DOs and DONTs which will make your airport taxi transfer more comfortable:

Transfers TO Moscow airports:

- DO allow as much time for your transfer to the airport as possible. There is a huge list of factors that can result in unexpected traffic jams in Moscow when everyone in the traffic jam just has no clue when they could start moving at full speed.

- DO know precisely to which terminal you are going if you are going to SVO airport.

- DO know the address of the hotel, not just its name, when you call us. There are many smaller and newer hotels in Moscow, so your giving their address right away will save our time.

Transfers FROM Moscow airports:

- DO have your phone on to be able to receive smses in English from our dispatchers with the information about the car's arrival, its color, model and number plate. We might also need to call you (you might want to call us) when you and the driver cannot find each other even though you pass through the customs and s/he is right there with the name plate. As one of your frequent clients put it: 'When you come first to Russia, leave customs and see a crowd of people shouting, you could definitely lose your nerve or at least get overwhelmed".

- DO know in which terminal in Sheremetievo you will land when you book Meet & Greet service.

- DO NOT agree to those men soliciting you with a lift to Moscow. Things happen - less often than it used to be a few years ago, but still. We have always warned clients from hailing gypsy cabs and drivers from moonlighting. It is quite an experience to be sitting in a gypsy cab not being quite sure where you will finally get and what the price of the taxi ride to Moscow will be.

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