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Dec. 2018. We shut down our separate website for St. Petersburg tours and moved all the info to this website. We also added tours in St. Petersburg in Spanish. They will add a lot to our tours in Moscow in Spanish.

Oct. 2018 - after 10 years of tours and transfes we finally decided to start our blog about travel.

Jan. 2016 (on Christmas Eve) - we came up with our new corporate motto:

Be on the side of the Angels

March 2015 - Now we offer our clients flower bouquets in airports to make arrival to Moscow more pleasant. We want you to feel on your arrival to Moscow what we feel with Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky.

Feb. 2015 - Pyotr Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840. This year Russia celebrates the 175-th anniversary of his birth. Angel (with many classical music fans) launched Tour to Tchaikovsky House - Museum thereto.


Read our clients' testimonials about Angel Taxi from 2014 and on.

Dec. 2013 -  new tours in Moscow we offer

Watch the speech of Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s Sports Minister during Russia’s bid for World Cup 2018. The subtitles are allegedly the lines from an allegedly leaked and allegedly official but still allegedly confidential script in Russian…


If after this video you think Russia is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, Angel Taxi will do its best to help you, at least with taxi and linguistic riddles, as we have majors in teaching, languages and intercultural communication, we know how difficult it is to navigate in a city with very few signs in Latin alpabet let alone in your native language.


Taxi in Moscow - 2011


08.2011 Angel Taxi lauched its service in Noginsk (east of Moscow region)

Taxi in Moscow - 2010

12.2010 Angel Taxi launched its service in St. Petersburg. 
10.2010 Summer is over. Book cargo taxi to Moscow from Moscow region to bring home belongings from dachas. Request our quote for a cargo  taxi to Moscow from Moscow region.
09.2010 Back to school. Have your schoolchildren driven to school and back home after classes by Angel in Moscow. If you're selecting a taxi for your child, please write to us via our 'THIS' page.
04.2011 Another trip by taxi from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Sometimes taxi is more convenient than a train.

03.2011 Everyone wants spring to come! We switched our call-center switchboard to Vivaldi’s 'Spring'.

Taxi in Moscow - 2010

Merry New Year. We worked tooth and nail so that our clients could really have Merry New Year. Some of them even 'saw' a  taxi in Moscow sky (click here) like our old picture of Taxi in Moscow.

Taxi in Moscow - 2009

On New Year’s Eve the Economic Development Ministry OK'd a new version of the Concept of Moscow International Financial Center. Despite the crisis, the idea hadn’t been dropped. The paper stipulates “organizing state-subsidized English study courses for those employed in services sector (including taxi drivers)”. We look forward to this New Year resolution coming true and still start practicing English.

Taxi in Moscow - 2008

We got our first booking for a taxi from Moscow to St. Petersburg, just under $999.