Kalashnikov: Legendary AK-47 Tour Moscow 2023. +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR

Kalashnikov: shoot world's best known & legendary AK 47 & other guns!

Developing design of Kalashnikov machine gun began in 1945 and was over in Russian town of Izhevsk in 1947. It s the most known small arms in the world.

Whereas Kalashnikov Museum is located in Izhevsk, which is a bit far (33000 RUB) by taxi from Moscow, you can take this unique chance in Moscow to shoot Kalashnikov machine gun (Kalash in Russian slang) and have a real experience for real men and women!

Even 7 decades after the start of the development, the model with its versions remains the most widely used assault rifles in the world due to their substantial reliability under harsh conditions, ease of use, global availability and low production costs vs. Western peers. The AK-47 was designed to be a simple, cheap, easy to produce rifle to meet the U.S.S.R military doctrine that treated weapons as disposable cheap items.

As of 2019, out of over estimated 500 million firearms worldwide, 20% are Kalashnikovs. It is present on the flags of 5 states and is recognized as one of the Top-3 inventions which changed the face of the world.

Take this unique chance to shoot Kalashnikov machine gun! During the Kalashnikov: Shoot Legendary AK-47 Tour you will get instructions, then shoot and take the target back home as a souvenir!

We offer private tours in Moscow not only in English! Please mention if you want to have a guide speaking Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.

Do not forget to bring your passport and make sure not to drink alcohol 12 hours before the tour.

To ask re Tour to Shoot AK-47 & other Russian machine guns, pls call \ whatsapp via +7 (926) 435 86 87 or hit the button 'Ask re AK-47 Shooting Tour' below.

To give you an idea how important AK-47 in Russia is. 

Nov. 10 2019 saw the 100-th birthday of M. Kalashnikov. Our Ministry of Education has sent out letters to K-12 schools to have lessons for kids to include contests to assemble and dismantle AK-47 and AK-74. Pls see below documentary for his 100-th anniversary (with auto-translate). And the first feature Kalashnikov finally premiered on 20.02.2020.