Sergiev Posad Tour 2023. Holy Trinity St. Sergius Monastery & more.

Sergiev Posad Tour lasts 6-9 hrs. and incl. a guide, transit, tickets. The acme of the tour to Sergiev Posad is the grand St. Sergius Lavra. It incl. St. Sergius Church, the Church of the Holy Spirit, Trinity Church with the relics of St. Sergius. Sergiev Posad Tour is ok to mix in 1 day with:

- Tour to Rostov the Great & Rostov Kremlin.

- Star City Tour.

- Metro Tour.

Sergiev Posad is 60 km from Moscow. It is among scenic woods and vistas. There are more than 2 dozens of churches in Sergiev Posad. It is part of UNESCO WHS List. Our Sergiev Posad Tour incl. many sights. Pls. see below. It is one of the world's best known places. Sergiev Posad tour is away from noisy Moscow. Escape from it and spend a day on Sergiev Posad Tour. 

A founder of a faith tours service launched Angel in 2008. Since then we offer Tour to Sergiev Posad to our guests. Why is our Sergiev Posad Tour the best? We love Sergiev Posad. We know much about it to tour. Sergiev Posad Tour is our signature tour. Why?
We have a dream that one day every tourist on the tour to Sergiev Posad shall be exalted as much as our tourists are. Every tourist coming to Moscow shall have a tour to Sergiev Posad. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed. And all guests shall see it on their tour to Sergiev Posad. This is our hope.  
For years, Sergiev Posad was dubbed as ‘Russian Vatican’. It was meant to stress the status of The Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra in Russia for tourists. In 2019 a plan was made to turn Sergiev Posad in Russian Vatican for real.
To book (or ask re) Tour to Sergiev Posad, pls. hit the button 'Ask re Sergiev Posad Tour' below or write via online chats your name, email, pick-up address or call or text (also wa. tg. viber) +7.9.26435.8687 a.k.a. +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR. 
We also offer Sergiev Posad Tour in Fr. EsIt. Gr. De. Ch. We also offer Tour to Sergiev Posad by bike.

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Our clients' reviews of Sergiev Posad Tour.

Sergiev Posad tour was definitely one of our highlights of our entire trip. It was a stark contrast from our visits to Moscow and even St. Petersburg. Being able to experience the countryside living and visit one of the most holiest places in Russia was particularly loved by my parents. We were lucky to have Alexander as our tour guide as he was very knowledgeable and fluent in English. Highly recommended tour to Sergiev Posad! Vinod, Singapore

Dear Alexander, Thanks also for the fascinating and interesting Sergiev Posad tour... Revital, Israel

Our tour to Serguiev Posad with Alex was a great way to appreciate the religious and cultural significance of this place... It was well-organized and comfortable. I can recommend it to people of all ages. Thank you. K. Japan

All of the tour to Sergiev Posad was good and enjoyable. The tour through Lavra was perfect concerning duration and our guide was enthusiastic, which we liked. The place for lunch was very nice to our taste. The driver (also to and from DME) drove safely.  Christian, Germany

Our 1st tour was to Serguiev Posad. We were so comfortable in the Audi 6. The driver was so pleasant... Alex was the guide ... It's so beautiful. The monastery was a must-see. Also enjoyed the things he added to the tour such as the Matryoshka studio & museums...

Our 3rd day of tour was to Suzdal, Vladimir . It was a super long day. I still think Suzdal, the furthest, is worth it. Edda, California, USA

Sergiev Posad tour and the tour of Moscow leave perfect and deep impression for me. Your team is very professional and I'm very appreciated for your effort. Grace, China

Alexander, We really enjoyed the Sergiev Posad Tour, as planned by Angel and especially as you explained. Our tour included museums, the Monastery and Matreshka. You gave us an outstanding tour. With this tour, we really got oriented to Ancient Russian Civilization, the famous St. Sergiev Monastery and the history behind Matreshka toys and the beautiful town of Sergiev Posad. More importantly, we learned about Russian Orthodox Churches. This was our first visit to any Monastery and we were totally impressed with the Institution. This was certainly the best and memorable part of our time in and around Moscow and Russia. Many thanks to you and to your pleasant personality that made this such an experience. I would highly recommend this tour to Sergiev Posad to anyone visiting Moscow, especially for initial orientation to the churches, monasteries, St. Sergiev and the story behind Matreshka toys. Happy we did this. Chetty M., United States/India 

Thank you for making our dream to visit St. Seraphim true and discovering the treasure that is Sergiev Posad. Ricky, Greece