Tour to Rostov Veliky & its Kremlin 2023 +79.ANGEL.TOUR w/guide

Why is Tour to Rostov exciting? Rostov Veliky (=Rostov the Great) is the oldest town in the North East of Russia. It is located 202 km NE from Moscow. Rostov Veliky is one of the towns of the Golden Ring. It is a ring of ancient towns located north east of Moscow. Rostov Veliky is one of the most interesting cities of the Golden Ring. ‘The eternal city of Russia’, ‘a symphony in stone’, ‘a miracle of the past’. These are some of the numerous references of foreign tourists about Rostov the Great. Rostov Veliky is a real tourist attraction.

Rostov Veliky boasts many beautiful sights, e.g. the Rostov Kremlin, which in old Russian language meant a citadel. Rostov Veliky was first mentioned in chronicles in 862. Rostov Veliky is one of oldest Russian cities, it is nearly three centuries older than Moscow. The name Veliky is used to distinguish it from Rostov-on-Don and to emphasize the importance of the city among other Russian cities. At the end of the 1st millennium, Rostov Veliky was a vibrant, densely populated city, an important center of Russian lands. It was also a spiritual center of Russia as it is a birthplace of Saint Sergiy Radonezhsky, founder of St. Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad

Rostov Veliky has been also famous for the chimes of the bell tower of Rostov Kremlin, with an inimitable sound, which can be heard for miles and miles around. 

The Rostov Kremlin stands on the shore of the Nero Lake and the white-stoned walls and towers of Rostov Kremlin are reflected in the lake’s water. Rostov Kremlin, built in the 17th century, made the city even more famous. Rostov Kremlin is also very famous Russians as it was filmed in an overwhelmingly popular Russian comedy about Soviet life and Ivan the Terrible times.

The collections of 14th-18th century icons, ancient pottery are on display at the Rostov Kremlin.

Rostov Tour vs. other Golden Ring Tours.

Tour to Rostov Veliky takes 9-11 hrs. If you don't have this time, take Tour to Sergiev Posad instead (5-7 hrs). If you have more time than 10 hrs, enjoy both Rostov Tour and Sergiev Posad Tour on the same day.