Tour to Star City in Russia 2023. +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR

Star City was built to train Soviet cosmonauts, incl. Y. Gagarin, the 1 st. man in space. Many famed U.S.S.R space men and women trained here with him. Star City has best facilities for them. Many cosmonauts from other states (e.g. U.S., UK) have trained here too. It took Gagarin 1 yr. to get ready. Now it takes 7 yrs. to make it. It takes 2 mo. to pass security check for foreign tourists.

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UPD 1: On Oct. 5 Russia became the 1 st. country that sent its film crew (actress + director) to ISS.

UPD 2: On Oct. 16 the crew came back to the Earth. We at Angel expanded the options for those tourists interested in the Soviet Space program. 


Tour to Star City will give you a unique chance to get in the closed Star City and learn its history. On this Star City Tour you will see.
1. Models of Soyuz Soviet space craft.
2. World's largest 18 m. centrifuge.
3. Hydro lab, with the mock up of the I.S.S.

The tour lasts 4 hrs. and incl. a guide and a return trip. It is easy to combine with:
1. Russian Gzhel Porcelain Tour.
Central Air Force Museum Tour.
3. Tour to the Museum of Military vehicles
4. Tour to a producer of spaceship modules.
5. A must-take Sergiev Posad Tour to the best-known Golden Ring town of UNESCO heritage.

A review of the Star City Tour by our client:

Star City-Home of Cosmonauts & Astronauts.
As a huge fan of space travel it is, of course, a must to visit the home of the cosmonauts and astronauts. After several inquiries from different providers I decided to choose Angel. They were cheaper than other providers and the first contact was very pleasant. The tour itself was great. For me a dream has come true. It is a must for any fan of space travel! Our guide Alex is a very nice and friendly person and speaks very good English...I would definitely go back to Star City and will book this tour again with Angel.  Manuela, Germany