Communist Tour in Moscow 2023 24/7.

For more than 70 yrs. Moscow was the capital of the huge U.S.S.R. Its streets still show remnants of the Communist past and the Cold War. On our Communist Moscow Tour you will see:

1. Red Sq.
2. Bolshoi.
3. Ex-KGB HQ.
4. Revolution Sq. 
5.  Moscow Metro.
6. Solovetsky Stone.
7. Moscow's main str.

8. U.S.S.R. grocery № 1.

If you wish to ask re Communist Moscow Tour pls. phone. viber. WA. TG. via +79.26435.8687 / +79.ANGEL.TOUR in Communist working hrs. (9 a.m.-6.p.m. MSK. time with the Soviet style lunch break 1-2.p.m.) or use online chats or hit the button 'Ask re Communist Moscow Tour' below.

If you are a foodie, take Communist food tour as part of Sergiev Posad tour

If you book our Tour to Suzdal and Vladimir, you will get a bonus re V. Lenin.