Bolshoi Theater Private Tour Moscow 2022.

Bolshoi Theatre was founded almost 250 years ago (when Moscow still was not Russia's capital, learn more about Moscow in our Moscow Tour: All must-sees) and was the biggest opera house in Europe at that time.

Today Bolshoi is a Top-10 theater in the world.

The famous Russian ballet school has been created in Bolshoi. The first performances of many world-famous Russian ballets and operas like 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake' or 'Eugene Onegin' took place here (learn more about Tchaikovsky's masterpieces in Tchaikovsky Museum Tour).

Bolshoi Theater Tour is a unique opportunity to get inside the Bolshoi Theatre without expensive show tickets, discover its history and see its luxurious interiors and building on which hundreds of millions of dollars were spent.

On this Bolshoi Theater Tour in Moscow you will see:

  • Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre
  • Richly decorated Small and Grand Imperial Foyer
  • The Government and the Imperial Pews, where Russian Emperors used to sit (now it is reserved for President)
  • Famous main hall of the Bolshoi Theater, one of the world's largest theater halls 
The Bolshoi is not only about classical pieces. It is also the place for modern ones. 

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