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Angel brand harbinger & ambassador

Liza is Angel brand harbinger & ambassador

Nastya is our summer intern

Nastya is our summer intern

will be your Angel during Moscow bar tour

Speaking English and French, Alyona will be your Angel during the Moscow bar tour.

Key Account Manager, formerly a teacher at a primary school

After graduating from Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities, Kristina worked as a teacher in a primary school but then joined Angel as a manager, later was promoted to a senior manager to streamline Angel’s English service and finally became Key Account Manager for corporate clients

Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2

Parvina is a Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2. Now Parvina is working on Muslim Moscow Tour.

Sr. Manager, father of 4, a former TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lieutenant. Alexander assumed a priest position in a cathedral

Alexander is a former TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lieutenantfather of 4. After studying Orthodox Christian Theology at St. Tikhon Orthodox University & working with Angel, he took a priest position in a cathedral.


Tour to Tchaikovsky House-Museum: +7 (926) 435 8687, +79-ANGEL-TOUR

Where words leave off, music begins.

Quoted by Tchaikovsky in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck 1878

Pyotr Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840. Шт 2015 Russia celebrated the 175-th anniversary of Tchaikovsky's birth and Angel (with classical music fans among top managers) has launched Tour to Tchaikovsky House - Museum thereto.

Oh, how difficult it is to make anyone see and feel in music what we see and feel ourselves!

Tchaikovsky in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck 1878

If you want to book (or ask for a quote for) tour to Tchaikovsky Memorial Museum, please write via Get Taxi page your name, email, hotel pick-up address and number of visitors so that we could calculate the price for Tchaikovsky Museum Tour.

We offer private tours in Moscow not only in English! You can listen to the guide around the Tchaikovsky House-Museum and learn more about his life and music in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese.

In 1885 Pyotr Tchaikovsky wrote to a friend, ‘These days I dream of settling in a village not far from Moscow where I can feel at home.’ He wanted peace and quiet. 

Eventually Tchaikovsky settled in this perfect house "large, comfortable, out-of-town...I am in need - and I feel it - of having a house in the countryside, ... to make sure that I can get, whenever I wish, a calm, quiet place to work...The view from inside the house is really wonderful, and there is a rather large garden. I am thinking of buying this house in the future."

 “I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else,” he wrote in 1885. “I'm unable to do justice to the charm of Russian landscapes and the silence, which I need most of all”.

Tchaikovsky finalized Iolanta, the Nutcracker, the Sleeping Beauty, Piano Concert No. 3., 18 piano pieces, the vocal quartet The Night, six romances here, as well as his last major work, 6th Symphony, or the Pathétique, of which he wrote ''the best and most sincere of all my works. I love it like no other of my musical children.'' According to Tchaikovsky, he poured his ''whole soul'' into Symphony No. 6.


Once we spent all the day in the Frick Collection in NYC enjoying both paintings and lovely music. Make sure to request that your favourite Tchaikovsky's piece is on when you are in his house to enjoy his music while contemplating the exibits.

The tour to Tchaikovsky Memorial Museum is available from Friday to Tuesday.

Read what our clients say about Angel's Tour to Tchaikovsky House-Museum.



Hi, Alexander. We enjoyed a lot our tour. Our driver was wonderful, very attentive. It was amazing to see where Tchaikovsky lived the last days of his life.

Denise, Brazil

From a personal point of view I think it's best to devote the better part of the day. I think real fans of Tchaikovsky will want to spend at least several hours at the museum. This is really a trip for a person/s with a "special interest" and not something for your average tourist visiting Moscow. It's for those who are really interested to see how and where he lived, & wrote some of his famous pieces. My expectation was that I would only be visiting his home. I had no idea there was a dedicated museum on the site as well. That might be something to make special mention of as I'm sure there would be others who do not realize that to be the case.

Bryan, Australia

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But there's nothing I long for more intensely...than to be taken for a better sort of Tchaikovsky-for heaven’s sake.
Arnold Schoenberg

I like listening to Tchaikovsky’s Fifth just as I like looking at a fuchsia drenched with rain.
James Agate

Tchaikovsky thought of committing suicide for fear of being discovered as a homosexual, but today, if you are a composer and not homosexual, you might as well put a bullet thru your head.
Serge Diaghilev