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After graduating from Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities, Kristina worked as a teacher in a primary school but then joined Angel as a manager, later was promoted to a senior manager to streamline Angel’s English service and finally became Key Account Manager for corporate clients

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Parvina is a Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2. Now Parvina is working on Muslim Moscow Tour.

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Alexander is a former TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lieutenantfather of 4. After studying Orthodox Christian Theology at St. Tikhon Orthodox University & working with Angel, he took a priest position in a cathedral.


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Before you decide re a tour to Vladimir, pls. see the video about Sergiev Posad. It's closer to Moscow (thus the tour is cheaper) with as much to see as in Vladimir tour.

Vladimir Tour of Golden Ring Tour

Vladimir Tour is one of the main parts of Golden Ring Tours. Vladimir tour owes its fame to limestone churches dating back to the 12th c. If you have more time than ‘just’ having Sergiev Posad tour (i.e. one more day), take Vladimir Tour and Suzdal Tour

Brief history before taking Vladimir Tour

Vladimir got its historical significance after mid-12th c. Vladimir became a new political and cultural center of Russia. It is still the cultural and economic center of Vladimir region. Vladimir principality became the core around which Russia formed.

There is little evidence about the early history of Vladimir. Some sources mentioned Vladimir in 990 attributing its foundation to Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Other Russian chronicles wrote that Vladimir was founded in 1108 by Prince Vladimir Monomakh (learn more about Vladimir Monomakh in Moscow Armory Tour).

The rise of Vladimir began under Andrei Bogolyubsky, who shifted the administrative center of the principality to Vladimir. In 1157 he proclaimed himself Grand Prince in Vladimir. The new capital was transformed enormously: the gold-domed Assumption Cathedral and Golden Gate, the grand entrance to Vladimir, were constructed. They are an essential part of our Vladimir Tour nowadays.

His policy was continued by his brother Vsevolod, but under his successors the principality of Vladimir was broken up into several small principalities. 

In 1238 Vladimir fell to the Mongol-Tatar hordes. During the Vladimir Tour you can see the panorama of that historical battle. Vladimir continued to resist. Up to 1328 Vladimir remained the administrative center of North-Eastern Rus. In 1299 Vladimir became the residence of the Metropolitan, the head of the Russian Church. The history of Vladimir in the 14th - early 17th c. was full of Tatar attacks and fires. 

In the 18th century, Vladimir changed its status 3 times. At the 3rd time in 1796 Vladimir became the center of the newly formed Vladimir province. During that period the construction of Vladimir according to a new regular plan began. At that time Vladimir remained a small town (as some other towns of Golden-Ring Tour route remain nowadays). 

Vladimir’s main street was a part of Vladimir Road called Vladimirka which led prisoners to Siberia. In 1783 Catherine II ordered to build a prison in Vladimir. After the revolution Vladimir prison became one of the main in the country, that's why it is called Vladimir Central. At different times the inmates of the Vladimir prison included Stalin’s son and Stalin’s sister-in-law, Francis Gary Powers (pilot of a US reconnaissance aircraft captured in Urals) and many others.

Vladimir is almost 190 km (120 miles) from Moscow. If you have only 1 day (or less) for Golden Ring tours, go for Sergiev Posad Tour. However, if you decided to take Vladimir Tour with Angel, you will be amazed by the facts and places you’ll visit during your Vladimir Tour. 

Now Vladimir is not a small town anymore as its other peers in the Golden Ring Tour route. Vladimir is a major industrial center. That is why to see the beautiful nature and tranquility, old churches, monasteries and houses, tourists choose Sergiev Posad Tour of Golden Ring or add Suzdal Tour to Vladimir Tour.

In addition to the above mentioned Vladimir sights, Vladimir landmarks also include the local theater, which is one of the oldest in the country (1848).

The nearby Golden Gate (1164) is the first or the last Vladimir’s landmark tourists see during the Vladimir Tour. It is one of the emblems of Vladimir. The Golden Gate stands at the beginning of B. Moskovskaya Street, the oldest street in Vladimir.

Vladimir' old water tower was turned into a museum of old Vladimir, which is another place of interest for tourists during Vladimir Tour. It displays scenes of Vladimir life. 

Close to the Golden Gate of Vladimir there's the Assumption Cathedral of the Princess's Convent, set up by Prince of Vladimir Vsevolod's wife in 1200-01.

The heart of Vladimir is Sobornaya Sq. The Assumption Cathedral (1158-60) is the main place of worship in Vladimir and is the main place to visit during Vladimir Tour. It was rebuilt after the great fire in Vladimir in 1185.

The Assumption Cathedral of Vladimir served as a model for Aristotle Fioravanti when he created the Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin

The cathedral housed the celebrated, miracle-working icon of the Virgin of Vladimir which was and still is greatly revered in Russia. Now you can see this treasure during a tour to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

The 15th-century frescoes that still can be found inside the cathedral are the work of Andrei Rublev, one of the greatest Russian icon painters. For a longtime rulers of Moscow assumed the title of grand prince in this Cathedral of Vladimir.

The Cathedral of St. Demetrius was built in 1194-97. It differs from other buildings of its time in Vladimir with its highly rich white stone carvings.

A long 3-storey yellow building between the two cathedrals was built for the administrative offices of Vladimir province in 1785-96. Inter alia, it hosted the first printing-house in Vladimir (1797).

These are just some of the elements of the Vladimir Tour. If you wish to ask re Vladimir Tour pls ask via phone\whatsapp\telegram\viber  +7 (926) 435 8687 or online chats or just hit the button 'Ask re Vladimir Tour' below.