Bison Tour in Russia 2023.

In the Bison Tour we will see herds of 6-9 bison. Each bison herd incl. a bull and 5-6 cows and the calves. How do these bison (Bison bonasus or 'zubr' (RU)) differ from the Am. bison (Bison bison), a.k.a. Am. buffalo? Bison bison (Am. bison) is lower and longer and thus looks more stout. Bison bonasus is less shaggy and has higher hunch. It also has longer horns and tail. And it is much more rare.
On this Bison tour we will also learn how bison were saved from extinction. We will see bison fed and / or at rest or roam. And still we will roam approx. 3 km. The Bison Tour will last from 2 hrs. and car travel. We plan to see the bison from a few meters. 
We added Bison Tour to our list of tours in Moscow in 2021. It is the year of the Ox. 
We can add our Russian Banya Tour and Russian Food Tour to the Bison Tour.

And would you love to see deers or moose (or elks)? Grey cranes for bird watching?