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The video is posted on Dec. 18, 2018. The ballet's premier took place in St. Petersburg on Dec. 18, 1892 (126 years ago).

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Where words leave off, music begins.

Quoted by Tchaikovsky in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck 1878

Pyotr Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840. In 2015 Russia celebrated the 175-th anniversary of Tchaikovsky's birth and Angel (with classical music fans among its management, see one of our videos with Tchaikovsky music below) has launched Tour to Tchaikovsky House - Museum thereto.

Oh, how difficult it is to make anyone see and feel in music what we see and feel ourselves!

Tchaikovsky in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck 1878


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In 1885 Pyotr Tchaikovsky wrote to a friend, ‘These days I dream of settling in a village not far from Moscow where I can feel at home.’ 

Eventually Tchaikovsky settled in this perfect house "large, comfortable, out-of-town."

“I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” Tchaikovsky wrote about his house in 1885.

Tchaikovsky finalized in his house Iolanta, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Piano Concert No. 3., 18 piano pieces, 6 romances, 6th Symphony (Pathétique).

 Let us listen to your favorite Tchaikovsky's piece when you are in his house to enjoy his music while contemplating the exhibits.

The tour to Tchaikovsky Museum is available from Friday to Tuesday.

Clients re Tchaikovsky House-Museum Tour:

Hi, Alexander. We enjoyed a lot our tour. It was amazing to see where Tchaikovsky lived the last days of his life.

Denise, Brazil


From a personal point of view I think it's best to devote the better part of the day. I think real fans of Tchaikovsky will want to spend at least several hours at the museum...My expectation was that I would only be visiting his home. I had no idea there was a dedicated museum on the site as well...

Bryan, Australia

Below is a video Angel's signature tour, where Tchaikovsky's music was used.

This is another video our kids made for a popular charity campaign -Kids above flowers- in Russia with the Waltz of Flowers. Make sure to choose English, French, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic subtitles.