Peter & Paul Fortress Tour in St. Petersburg 2023

Visit the cradle of St. Pete! We will go to the first construction in the city, the oldest church of St. Pete to see the tombs of Russian emperors, 19 th. c. prison.

This tour will take you to St. Petersburg's official citadel. The cathedral here is the oldest stone church in the city. We will show you the final resting place of many Russian emperors and empresses.

Peter & Paul Fortress will leave a deep impression on you, though some facts of its history may appear far beyond your understanding. One of them is a political prison on the territory  of the Fortress.

The Fortress complex is like an open air museum which will give you a perfect idea of the main architectural trends of the early 18 th. c. Your guide will show and explain to you the fortification elements of the construction as originally the Fortress was built to protect the city.

During the Peter & Paul Fortress Tour, the guide will also point your attention to some of the most prominent symbols of St. Petersburg. 

Take this chance to see this magnificent Fortress which nowadays has become the emblem of the city. 

We can offer Peter & Paul Fortress Tour on any day except for Wed. It lasts 3 hrs.