Silk Tour in Lyon with a Guide. 2023 +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR

1. Intro to Lyon Silk Tour.

Lyon, the food capital of France, has a lovely history. One of the things that make Lyon unique is its deep ties with silk. Lyon is famed for its centuries-old legacy of silk production. Silk Tour in Lyon is an unique trip that takes you on a magical ride thru the silk industry.

If you are an avid history buff, a fashion lover, or just enjoy the finer things in life, the Silk Tour in Lyon is not to be missed. We will weave Lyon's rich story for you. Explore the silk-making process. Take a closer look at what makes Silk Tour a must-do activity when in Lyon.

2. A Look into the World of Silk.

Silk is a lush fabric that has captured the minds of people for ages. Lyon has been at the forefront of silk production in Europe since the 16 th. c. Silk Tour in Lyon offers a rare chance to get an up-close look at this magical fabric.

The Silk Tour in Lyon is not just a mid journey thru the past. It's also a mid journey thru the present and the future. We will see how the silk industry has evolved over the years in Lyon. It went from the of the Jacquard loom to the rise of haute couture.

3. The Science of Silk.

From the harvesting of the silk thread to the weaving of the fabric, the Silk Tour in Lyon offers a look at the science of silk. We will learn about the types of silk, the silk-making process, and how the silk industry evolved over years.

4. The Craftsmen of Lyon.

One of the highlights of the Lyon Silk Tour is a visit to the Atelier de la Soie, a silk workshop where visitors can witness the craftsmen of Lyon at work. They use tradit'l know-hows to create fancy pieces of silk to sell to high-end fashion houses around the world.

5. The Renaissance of Lyon's Silk Industry.

The silk industry in Lyon saw a decline in the 20 th. c., but then a revival in recent years. Today, Lyon is once again a hub of high-fashion and luxury. Designers and brands flock to the city to source the finest silks and work with the craftsmen.

6. Where to Go for the Best Silk Shopping in Lyon.

No trip to Lyon is complete without a bit of silk shopping. The city is home to numerous silk markets and boutiques. They offers a unique choice of high-quality silk products.

7. Lyon's Silk Markets and Shops.

One of the most popular silk markets in Lyon is the Marché aux Tissus. It sells a wide variety of fabrics, incl. silk. Another popular option is the Marché de la Création. There local artisans and designers sell handmade silk products.

8. The Best Souvenirs to Take Home.

For those who look to take home a souvenir from their Silk Tour in Lyon, there are plenty of options to choose from. Silk scarves, ties, and pocket squares are all popular choices, as are silk pillowcases and blankets. You can be sure that it will be a high-quality, luxurious item. It will remind you of your mid journey thru the world of silk.

To sum up.

The Silk Tour in Lyon is a mid journey to the heart of luxury. It offers visitors an up-close look at the fancy world of silk making. The tour will help to you explore this magical fabric and its enduring legacy. The Silk Tour in Lyon is an experience not to be missed. So why wait? Book your Lyon Silk Tour today.

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