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For inquiries in English about our hotel in Abkhazia, please call + 79-ANGEL-TOUR +7.926.435.8687

It is located at the bottom of the mountain with the remnants of King Bagrat's Castle.

The hotel is superb for both a weekend getaway and a longer stay to enjoy swimming, sun-bathing, sight-seeing, hiking, trekking, pilgrimage, excursions, local cuisine. The hotel is located close to most beautiful parts of Abkhazia.


*If you are a creative mind and wish to stay at our hotel for inspiration, creativity, this divine attendant spirit, solitude (or team work) to create, write, compose, design, meditate, teach, to free your elusive creative daemons or genius or just to have your time off (or sabbatical) to re-charge yourself with new ideas, please, write to us to discuss the options. There is full board, rooms cleaned, linens washed - nothing will distract you from your capricious creative process to streamline. 

Come enjoy your stay in Abkhazia. If you do not speak Russian, that's not a problem at the hotel.

Visa information for those who do not have Russian citizenship:

If your country has an agreement with Russia that their citizens do not need visa for entry (e.g. Turkey – up to 30 days), you can enter and leave Abkhazia for the corresponding no-visa period.

If you need a visa to enter Russia, you can enter Abkhazia from Russia and re-enter Russia IF:

1)      You have a double-entry visa and one entry is still valid

2)      You have multi-entry visa.


The photos below are courtesy of Sergey Kouznetsov. If you feel like sightseeing in St. Petersburg with Sergey's professional services to make terrific pictures, please write to us via 'Get Taxi' page. 

the first sight guests see is the gallery of the hotel

This is the first view (from the left) of the hotel when a guest passes the gates


first sight guests see in the night

The same view at night


view from the right side of the hotel

View of the park from the opposite (right) side of the hotel


In the middle of the inner yard paths on Level 1

View of the hotel from the middle of the park


panoramic view

During the datetime most of the guests are at the beach


everyone is at lunch after the beach

The ground floor walls were left without stucco and paint to show how they were in the mid XX C. The white stone from local mines was widely used in Abkhazia before brick became affordable


palm from the right

The same palm from the right


Same inner circle at Gora Bagrata park-hotel in Sukhum, Abkhazia



Arbour 1 at night

One of the arbours where guests can eat, socialize, telework, meet, play


Arbour 2

Another arbour where guests can eat, socialize, telework, meet, play


Stairs to Gora Bagrata from the first level of Gora Bagrata Park-Hotel in Sukhum

Stairs from level 1 of the park leading to level 2


view from the stairs above

View from the stairs from level 2 to level 1


Everyone is on the beach

View from the 2nd floor


Rustic style elements in furniture

Rustic style elements were used in the interior


for rustic style fans

Saw cuts from trees we cut when we cleaned the park from the debris and dense vegetation


rustic style in detail



rustic style in more detail



rustic style, another version

Boards were used in some rooms


rustic style, another version in detail



rustic style, another version in more detail



deLux, right-hand view



bathroom at park hotel Gora Bagrata, deLuxe

Bathroom with shower


bathroom at park hotel Gora Bagrata, deLuxe

...and toilet


deluxe at Gora Bagrata park-hotel in Sukhum, Abkhazia

Sept. 2 – school will wait a week



soap bubbles



eating pancakes at the dining room

We want our guests to feel at home


reminder of 1950-s - 1980-s, when thousands of foreign and Russian visitors came to this hotel as a tourist base to explore Abkhazia

Stairs from level 1 to level 2


same two pioneers in the night

The same stairs at night. It used to be the starting point to walk to the top of the King Bagrat's Castle


Night panoramic view of Sukhum from Bagrat's Castle (above the hotel)

Night panoramic view of Sukhum from the King Bagrat's Castle


reminder that the park-hotel is in subtropics


Gates of Gora Bagrata

Gates of the hotel


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