Meet our Team
Angel brand harbinger & ambassador

Liza is Angel brand harbinger & ambassador

Nastya is our summer intern

Nastya is our summer intern starting the summer of World Cup 2018

will be your Angel during Moscow bar tour

Speaking English and French, Alyona will be your Angel during the Moscow bar tour.

Key Account Manager, formerly a teacher at a primary school

After graduating from Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities, Kristina worked as a teacher in a primary school but then joined Angel as a manager, later was promoted to a senior manager to streamline Angel’s English service and finally became Key Account Manager for corporate clients

Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2

Parvina is a Sr. Manager, formerly a programmer, mother of 2. Now Parvina is working on Muslim Moscow Tour.

Sr. Manager, father of 4, ex TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lt, became a priest

Alexander is a former TU-134 radio technician and Sr. Lieutenantfather of 4. After studying Orthodox Christian Theology at St. Tikhon Orthodox University & working with Angel, he took a priest position in a cathedral.


Real Russia Tour 2022 +79.ANGEL.TOUR car, ship, train.

When in Russia, live as Russians do.

- In Real Russia Tour!

We offer a new plan for those interested to see Moscow and more in Real Russia Tour. See it not from a hotel room but as Russians do. Live daily lives away from posh hotels, but still with comfort and see most of what Moscow can offer. Here are just a few of the things and dos we will offer to choose from:

1. Pick yummy berries and mushrooms in forests.
2. Ride a
BMD (amphibious infantry vehicle).
3. Ride a horse in a horse course.
4. Ride a horse on vast fields.
5. Ride a horse carriage.
6. Fish from a river bank.
7. Live in eco-villages.
8. Fish from a boat. 
9. Downhill ski.
10. Home visits.
11. Ice fish.

As politicians are more and more losing mutual rapport and given that Moscow is said to be 'totally different Russia', we aim to show you real Russia. Thus when you are back at home, you will be able to say to your friends: 'I've been and seen the real Russia'. Real Russia Tour can include:

1. Moscow with as many sights as you wish.

2. At least one of awesome towns of Golden Ring. You will see beautiful monasteries, incl. a UNESCO WHS, as well as trad'l Russian nature.

3. At least one of urban towns, where, e.g. you will be able to see most of what Russia has to show in aerospace.

4. Traditional Russian banya.

Real Russia Tour can also be taken as part of our signature tour to Sergiev Posad.

If you wish to ask re Real Russia Tour, pls. hit the button 'Ask re REAL Real Russia Tour' below or phone. viber. WA. TG via +79.26435.8687 / +79.ANGEL.TOUR and let us know your name, email, number of visitors so that we could quoteyour Real Russia Tour.

As a taxi & tour company we can exert a certain degree of flexibility if you decide to change the time of your tour due to weather or other circumstances on short notice, which is handy.

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