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Moscow is a vivid city that is rich city that is rich in history and culture. With its stunning churches and iconic sights, Moscow is a must-see city. If you are a history buff, a cultural enthusiast, or just want to see one of the world's most awesome cities, there is no better way to see Moscow than by taking Moscow Walking Tour.

Intro to Moscow Walking Tours.

A Moscow walking tour is a unique way to explore the city and its many treasures. With the help of a pro. guide, you can see the hidden gems of Moscow. If you are a 1 st. time visitor or a repeat traveler, a Moscow Walking Tour is the perfect way to see Moscow from a new angle.

+ + of a Moscow Walking Tour.

There are many + + to taking a Moscow walking tour. Perhaps the most significant plus is that you can see Moscow at your own pace. In our Moscow Walking Tour you can take your time and savor each and every moment of seeing Moscow. Also, Moscow Walking Tours is a great way to get a feel of Moscow spirit. You can talk to the locals, try local food, and immerse in the city's unique culture.

Must-See Sights on a Moscow Walking Tour.

1. The world-famous Moscow metro. It takes 10–60 mins. of you Moscow Walking Tour. It is the main means of moving in Moscow.

2. See Red Sq. which is a must for the Moscow Walking Tour.

3. St. Basil's is one of the most iconic bldgs. in the world. With its colorful domes, St. Basil's Cathedral is a must-see of Moscow Walking Tour.

4. See Lenin. He is always in his 'office'. 6 + hrs. of Moscow Walking Tour fit his 'office' hrs.

5. See the world’s highest Orthodox Christian Church.

6. See The Bolshoi Theatre from outside. It is one of the most famed theatres in the world. We offer add'l Bolshoi Tour if you wish to see its grand interior.

7. Change of guards. It is an equally grand must-see for Moscow Walking Tour.

Also, in Moscow Walking Tour you will:

1. Learn of history of Moscow and the Kremlin from outside. This tour doesn't incl. the visit to the Kremlin. It is an add'l Kremlin Tour.

2. See remnants of Communism and Soviet regime, IF you wish, in Moscow Walking Tour.

Conclusion. Our Moscow Walking Tour is the best way to learn of Moscow's rich history and culture at your pace. 


1. Will the 6 hr. + Moscow Walking Tour make me tired? -  If you are a average fit person, it will not make you too tired. It incl. metro rides, lunch time and lots of stops to have rest and enjoy the sights. 
BUT. This tour will not be ok for you, IF you.
1. have young kids.
2. are retired.
3. do not enjoy walking.
In these cases we advise you to take Moscow Car Tour.

2. How flexible is the tour? - This tour is very flexible as it is aimed to show you the best sights and fit your interests in 6 + hrs.

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