Kremlin Group Tour in Moscow 2024. +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR 4/7

Moscow Kremlin Group Tour is a must-see Moscow TourJoin this must-see Moscow Kremlin Group Tour to see a fortress in the center of Moscow, residence of tsars and communist leaders, office of Russia's President. The Kremlin is Russia's grandest and most beautiful castle and a living textbook of Russian history.

Moscow Kremlin Group Tour is available on Fri., Sat., Sun. The Group for the tour might include up to 25 ppl. of various nations and ages.

To book the Kremlin Group Tour wih the English-speaking guide, pls. write via ‘Get Taxi’ page your name, email, hotel pick-up address and number of visitors so that we could calculate the price of the Kremlin Group Tour for you, including the transfer, or pls. book via the Moscow Tours page with the same info.

Moscow Kremlin Group Tour incl. ancient cathedrals, famous Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon, grand palaces of Russian Emperors and Soviet strongholds. Feel the Kremlin’s spirit, where historical decisions were made that have changed the world's history of the XX-XXI c. This Moscow Kremlin Group Tour is the best service at best price. On this Moscow Kremlin Group Tour you will see:

  • Cathedral of the Annunciation, 
  • Archangel Cathedral, Tsars' shrine
  • Tsar Cannon, which finally landed in the Kremlin
  • Tsar Bell, the third generation Tsar Bell in the Kremlin
  • Grand Kremlin Palace, President's parade residence
  • Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the main bell tower of the Kremlin
  • Senate Palace, the working residence of the President in the Kremlin
  • 15th century Assumption Cathedral, the main cathedral of the Kremlin

Moscow's is a glamorous Kremlin. Rostov Kremlin is modest and beautiful.


DOS and DON’Ts for the Moscow Kremlin Group Tour:

  • DO ask questions. Kremlin guides enjoy when visitors ask questions.
  • DO take pictures outdoors on the Kremlin territory during the Kremlin Group Tour.
  • DON’T try to bring any knives, mustard, nerve, tear or any other type of gas or anything which might be considered as weapons, to the Kremlin Group Tour.
  • You will visit the Kremlin Museums to know about its past. The Kremlin guides’ job is tough. DON’T ask Kremlin guides whether there is democracy in Russia now or other questions pertinent to the Kremlin’s current home / foreign policy.
  • DON’T take pictures while indoors during the Kremlin Group Tour (Diamond Fund, Armory, Cathedrals).


If you want to

- have the private Kremlin guide (i.e. only for you and your friends/family),

- visit the Diamond Fund during the Kremlin Tour

- visit the Armory Chamber during the Kremlin Tour

please see Kremlin & Armory Skip-the-Line Private Tour (in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese etc).  

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