Taste Russian Cuisine Workshop & Dinner 2024 +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR

Taste Russian cuisine to taste its culture.

A way to men's hearts starts from their stomachs. That is what we say in Russia. Cuisine is one of the tastiest ways to explore local cultures. It is even more so for Russian cuisine. Make the most of your tours in Moscow. Even thou Moscow probably doesn't have as high fame of its haute cuisine Lyon (which we can see in our Food Tour of Lyon or during Paris tours). Still learn how to cook Russian cuisine. Or how to enjoy it. And then surprise friends when you come home! To book (or ask re) Russian Cuisine Tour: Workshop and Dinner, pls. hit the button 'Ask re Russian Cuisine Tour: Workshop and Dinner' below or write via online chats your name, email, pick-up address or call or text (also wa. tg. viber) +7.9.26435.8687 a.k.a. +7.9.ANGEL.TOUR. We offer Russian Cuisine Tours, Workshop and Dinner as part of our Tour to Sergiev Posad or in Moscow. 

Come to Moscow for Russian cuisine tours.

Moscow is a main tourism hub. The main reason for tourists to visit Moscow is its culture. So Russian cuisine tours could be the next reason to visit Moscow. It is the land of milk and honey for cuisine tourists. It boasts a huge variety of Russian cuisine choices. If you tend to use 'Russian cuisine' to refer to ex USSR states, the variety goes up. If you look for 'Russian cuisine' and have little time to travel, there is no need to go to the 15 ex USSR states. Their best cuisines are in Moscow. And 'Russian cuisine' tours in Moscow can be an addl boost to the tourism in Moscow.

Hidden gems of cuisine tours in Moscow.

In some regions tourism boils down to cuisine tourism as the only driver for tourists vs. the regions’ scarce landmarks. Moscow's new vistas for 'Russian cuisine' tourists are dwarfed by its rich cultural scene. 'Russian cuisine' tours should be a part of Moscow-inbound tourism to bear fruit.

Russians are good at many things, incl Russian cuisine. But are not so good to promote their riches in plain English. It is even more so for 'Russian cuisine' tourism. Hundreds of chefs d'oeuvre of 'Russian cuisine' and their chefs are hardly promoted. And elsewhere each of them can be local pride and joy. It can also be the case that there are too many chefs d'oeuvre to point out.

'Russian cuisine' tours in Moscow do not have enough PR. As of Dec. 9, 2017 the main Russian tourist website had 0 posts re 'Russian cuisine' tours or workshops in Moscow. Such is the case on Jan. 9 2020. But, just as Armory of the Kremlin boasts a lot of gems to enjoy, Moscow boasts yummy gems (incl. jams) for 'Russian cuisine' tourists. 

'Russian cuisine' tours in Moscow could play a bigger role to lure foodies to Moscow. And there is much that can be done to promote 'Russian cuisine' tours and workshops in Moscow. That is how we help with our Russian cuisine tour and Workshop. Pls. help us make you happy.

You will not able to guess what a mix of Russian cuisine such as a pancake, hot butter, hot sauce, sour cream, caviar, an oiliest slice of salmon, a sprat, and a sardine can do. You will know if you book our Russian Cuisine Tour.